At Green Walnut Landscaping, we believe in the transformative power of landscapes to foster a sense of community and well-being. Our “Together We Blossom” program is a unique initiative designed to cultivate a strong sense of unity and connection through landscape projects, with a particular focus on not-for-profit organizations. Join us in creating spaces that inspire, nurture, and bring people together.

 We are committed to making a positive impact on our communities through our “Together We Blossom” program. As part of this initiative, we offer non-profit organizations the opportunity to update their front sides (Monument sign area)or the creation of small herbal gardens, all under a specified budget (Only softscape installation). 

Green Walnut Landscaping allocates a specific budget for each project, covering both labor and materials. This budget is communicated transparently to the non-profit organization during the initial consultation, ensuring clarity and adherence to financial constraints.


Overall Program Benefits:

Cost Coverage: The program covers the labor and material costs associated with either the Front Side Renovation (Monument sign area) or Small Herbal Garden Creation (Only softscape Installation), easing the financial burden on the non-profit organization.

Enhanced Spaces: Organizations benefit from aesthetically improved outdoor spaces

that align with their mission and goals.

The “Together We Blossom” program is a testament to our commitment to community well-being. By offering labor and materials under a specified budget, we aim to empower non-profit organizations to enhance their outdoor spaces and cultivate a sense of unity within their communities.

We invite you to participate and transform your front side or create a small herbal garden with the support of Green Walnut Landscaping. Follow these simple steps to get started:


Email Title:

Please specify “Together We Blossom” in the subject line of your email. This ensures that your inquiry receives prompt attention.

Email Content:

Provide a brief overview of your organization and its mission.

Specify whether you are interested in the Front Side Renovation(Monument sign area)or Small Herbal Garden Creation. Consider your goals and priorities for the renovation, such as creating a more functional space, improving aesthetics, or incorporating a sustainable landscape.


Contact Information:

Include your organization’s contact person, their role, and the best contact details (email and phone).


Optional Attachments:

If available, you may attach photos or documents that help convey your current outdoor space or any initial ideas you may have.


Program Modifications:

Green Walnut Landscaping reserves the right to modify the program rules and guidelines as necessary.


For inquiries or to express interest in the program, please contact Green Walnut Landscaping at Together, let’s blossom and make a lasting impact on our communities.

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