About Us

Welcome to Green Walnut Landscaping and Maintenance Your Trusted Partner in Commercial Landscape Solutions!

We are a family-owned and operated business, located in the heart of Walnut Creek, CA., and founded in 2019 by Francisco and Sindy Fierros. We aim to be your trusted partner, providing exceptional landscape maintenance services for your commercial properties.

At Green Walnut Landscaping and Maintenance, Inc., we specialize in providing a comprehensive suite of services to enhance and maintain the outdoor spaces of commercial properties. As a trusted partner for Associations, Communities, Healthcare Facilities, Hospitality, offices, campuses, and retail, we are committed to bringing beauty, functionality, and sustainability to every landscape.



Transforming outdoor spaces into captivating and sustainable landscapes that inspire authentic connections between people and nature, while delivering cost-effectiveness in every project.


We envisioned a company that goes beyond traditional landscaping services. Our vision is rooted in the belief that a beautifully landscaped environment has the potential to bring people together, create memorable spaces, and enhance the overall quality of life for everyone in the community.

Commitment to Clients, Community, and Employees:

At the core of Green Walnut’s values is a deep commitment to our clients, community, and employees. We understand the significance of well-maintained landscapes for businesses, and we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Together We Blossom: Cultivating Community through Landscape Program

This program embodies our commitment to community engagement. Through “Together We Blossom,” we believe in the transformative power of landscapes to foster a sense of community and well-being. Our “Together We Blossom” program is a unique initiative designed to cultivate a strong sense of unity and connection through landscape projects, with a particular focus on not-for-profit organizations. 

Employee Well-being:

Recognizing that our employers are the backbone of our success, we prioritize their well-being. Green Walnut fosters a supportive work environment, providing opportunities for growth, training, and a culture that values each team member. A happy and motivated team ensures the highest quality service for your business.



High level of attention and detail

As a family business, we give every project, big or small, the personal touch of our team, creating lasting relationships with our clients based on trust and a shared love of beautiful landscapes.

Be a trusted landscape partner

We understand the impact a well-maintained outdoor space has on the image of your business, and we are dedicated to enhancing that image with our expertise, care, and a touch of family warmth.

Experience and dedication

We have years of practice and a keen eye for detail, and on every project, we go beyond the ordinary tasks to offer a comprehensive approach that keeps your commercial space thriving and welcoming.


Ready to cultivate beauty and elevate your commercial landscape? Contact us today for a consultation. Let’s work together to create outdoor spaces that inspire, captivate, and leave a lasting impression.